Website news

We last redesigned our website in March 2013, and the increase in usage and appreciation was immediate. But all websites need to evolve, and ours is no different. We realise that the current website isn’t meeting all our high standards for ABR Online (e.g. certain pages take too long to load). We have listened to feedback from subscribers, survey respondents, and those who have emailed us or contacted us over social media. We are most grateful for your feedback.

Our trusty web developer is hard at work on a new, speedier version of ABR Online. The revamped website will feature a newsier home page and contents pages that are quicker to load and that will make it easier for you to locate the features that interest you. We will also make sure that logging in to ABR Online is more intuitive for individual subscribers. Arts Update will be much more prominent and well ordered.

The new ABR website will be launched in June – the next step in our digital expansion.

Best wishes