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On page eleven of this book, Australians are called an engagingly innocent people ‘splendidly unthinking of anything but the simplicities of affluent living.’ On page twelve, they are called ‘lazy and uncreative’. On page 311, the author writes: ‘Yet in spite of a widespread belief (mainly self-generated) that we are a nation of yahoos, we have as much capacity for some unique kind of greatness as the people of any other race and nation.’

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Going Overseas by by Unice & Brian Carroll

September 1978, no. 4

This is a small minor mini-pocket lexicon of how, where and when to travel abroad from Australia, starting with A (Add-on Holidays) and ending with Z (Zoos).

A nice idea, but only moderately successful. ‘Zoos’ tells· why – because in fact it tells so little. It appears to be there merely to complete the register and to allow Weg to contribute a final cartoon.

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