David Rothenberg: Survival of the Beautiful

Ian Gibbins
22 February 2012

Elephant art

Ian Gibbins


Survival of the Beautiful: Art, Science, and Evolution
by David Rothenberg
Bloomsbury Press, $32.99 pb, 320 pp, 9781408828823


David Rothenberg’s formal appellation at the New Jersey Institute of Technology is Professor of ... More

A new orthodoxy for Australian art

Andrew Sayers
23 January 2012

Crossing cultures

Andrew Sayers


The Cambridge Companion to Australian Art
edited by Jaynie Anderson
Cambridge University Press, $120 pb, 390 pp, 9781107601581


Bernard Smith, who died in September 2011, was responsible for creating the first orthodo ... More

Nick Hordern reviews 'The Hall of Uselessness: Collected Essays' by Simon Leys

Nicholas Hordern
21 January 2012

Simon Leys is the pen name of the distinguished academic Pierre Ryckmans, who came to notice, first as a sinologist, then as a critic and author. The essays in this collection, composed ov More

Christopher Reed: Art and Homosexuality

Robert Aldrich
20 January 2012

Who's afraid of Gilbert and George?

Robert Aldrich


Art and Homosexuality: A History of Ideas
by Christopher Reed
Oxford University Press, $64.95 hb, 295 pp, 9780195399073


‘One would have to be extremely naïve not to know immediately upon enterin ... More

Alan Krell: Burning Issues

Peter Hill
24 November 2011

Fire as a strong painter

Peter Hill


Burning Issues: Fire in Art and the Social Imagination
by Alan Krell
Reaktion Books (UNSW Press), $54.95 hb, 224 pp, 9781861898562


On the evening of 24 May 2004, fire destroyed hundreds of works of art stored in ... More

'A welcome extension to the National Gallery of Australia' by Christopher Menz

Christopher Menz
16 November 2011

Lightness and clarity

by Christopher Menz


The initial idea was for a new front door at the National Gallery of Australia. At least that is how Ron Radford, director of the Gallery, presented it to the one thousand or so guests in his remarks at the official opening of Andrew Andersons’ and PTW Architects’ Stage One ‘New Look ... More

Terence Maloon (ed.): Paths to Abstraction

Daniel Thomas
16 November 2011

The sources of modernist art in Australia

Daniel Thomas


Paths to Abstraction 1867–1917
edited by Terence Maloon
Art Gallery of New South Wales, $60pb, 296 pp,9781741740561


The Mondrians in Paths to Abstraction 1867–1917, Terence Maloon ... More

Kathie Sutherland: Brett Whiteley

Vivien Gaston
16 November 2011

The mercurial Whiteley, flaws and all

Vivien Gaston


Brett Whiteley: A Sensual Line 1957–67
by Kathie Sutherland
Macmillan Art Publishing, $130 hb, 342 pp, 9781921394379


What to do with Whiteley? Forget the gutsy audacity and visual energy; in Ber ... More

Martin Gayford: Man with a Blue Scarf

Angus Trumble
16 November 2011

Sitting for the spiky, inspired Lucian Freud

Angus Trumble


Man with a Blue Scarf: On sitting for a Portrait by Lucian Freud
by Martin Gayford
Thames & Hudson, $49.95 pb, 237 pp, 9780500238752


‘I kept thinking: if his face looks like this, wha ... More

Patrick McCaughey reviews 'The Donald Friend Diaries' by Ian Britain

Patrick McCaughey
16 November 2011

For some sixty years Donald Friend kept a diary, making his final entry just days before his death in 1989 at the age of seventy-four. The National Library of Australia published them in f More

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