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Chiharu Shiota: Absent bodies (Anna Schwartz Gallery)

Andrea Goldsmith
Wednesday, 12 October 2016

There have been a handful of occasions in my life when I have stood before a work of art intending to look at it, appraise it, only to find myself drawn into it. In some strange way I become part of the work. It is as if my imagination has merged with the imaginative space of the art work and, at the ...

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Tristan und Isolde ★★★★1/2 (Metropolitan Opera)

Peter Rose
Wednesday, 12 October 2016

It was hard not to think of Tchaikovsky’s words, written during the first Bayreuth Festival (1876), at the opening night of the Metropolitan Opera’s 2016–17 season. Arts Update, selfless as ever, had gone ahead of the ABR US tour party, still rusticating in New Haven, for the American première of ...

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The Update - October 4, 2016

Tuesday, 04 October 2016

Voices from America, ABR Arts Issue launch, The Australian Ballet's 2017 season, Melbourne Festival 2016, Asia TOPA, film giveaway ...

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These days a victorious homecoming is normally reserved for élite athletes, but since 2011 it has had an equivalent in the sphere of classical music, thanks to the creation of the Australian World Orchestra. The brainchild of Alexander Briger, this project-based orchestra unites expatriate Australians ...

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Our Man in Havana (Lyric Opera of Melbourne)

Barney Zwartz
Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ihope no one from Australia's various intelligence agencies is reading this, or they may be affronted. But for me, Our Man in Havana, Graham Greene's purported black comedy about an ingenious vacuum cleaner salesman deceiving Britain's MI6, has a marvellous ring of verisimilitude ...

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The Update - September 20, 2016

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ben Mendelsohn, Speak Less Than You Know, The Archibald on tour, Selby & Friends, MSO 2017, and a giveaway from the NGV ...

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera (Art Gallery of New South Wales)

Gabriel García Ochoa
Monday, 19 September 2016

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are, without a doubt, the two most famous Mexican artists of the twentieth century, as notorious for their scandalous relationship and political views as they were for their creative genius. She was twenty-one years younger than him; he was a communist ...

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Nijinsky (Australian Ballet) ★★★★★

Lee Christofis
Monday, 12 September 2016

No twentieth-century male ballet dancer has sparked as much adulation and scholarly investigation as Vaslav Nijinsky. Graduating from the Imperial Ballet School in St Petersburg at eighteen, this sexually ambiguous, rather remote man, became the darling of Russia's principal ballerinas ...

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The Night Of (HBO) ★★★★★

James McNamara
Friday, 09 September 2016

Over the past fifteen years, television has steadily eclipsed film as the medium for prestige drama. US cable network HBO has been central to this, producing shows (The SopranosThe WireGame of Thrones) that, in visual sophistication and narrative scope, helped transform television into art ...

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Sunset Song ★★★★★

Brian McFarlane
Monday, 05 September 2016

It is possible that the remainder of 2016 may produce a more memorable film than Sunset Song, but I doubt it. None so far has moved and enthralled me as Terence Davies' latest has. How I wish he didn't keep us waiting so long between films. It was the semi-autobiographical Distant Voices ...

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