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Rowan McNaught

Rowan McNaught

Rowan McNaught is a Melbourne-based artist and writer; a current PhD candidate at Victorian College of Arts; secretary of the Darpa press; and a former editor of West Space Journal.

'Honeywell', a new poem by Rowan McNaught

June–July 2019, no. 412 23 May 2019
In a hallway with the door open, a Honeywell T87 will attempt toequalise the temperature of the continuous (available) world. It sitsbetween the mirror-dresser and the coat-hook which resembles twoof four talons of a lived-in bird, like a Fiji or an Imitator goshawk.The Honeywell has the brain of a bird but no mouth or Nest.In this arrangement and when you’re cold you might catch sightof the con ... (read more)