Bill Manhire

Paul Hetherington reviews 'Some Things to Place in a Coffin' by Bill Manhire

Paul Hetherington
30 May 2017

Poetry books that focus on memory, recuperation, and loss are common, but it is rare to find poems that speak about such matters as sparely and eloquently as these do. Bill Manhire’s new poems are bony and sinewy, resonating with an awareness of public and personal grief. Although these works often speak by indirection, many of them pack a real punch. As Manhire p ... More

Bill Manhire is Poet of the Month

Australian Book Review
28 October 2016

Which poets have most influenced you? Before I knew about poetry it would have been the Grimms, plus Orson Welles reading ‘The Happy Prince’. Then R.A.K. Mason, Carl ...


Poem of the Week - Bill Manhire reads 'Indexing Emily'

09 September 2016

In this episode of 'Poem of the Week' Bill Manhire reads 'Indexing Emily'. ABR Editor, Peter Rose, introduces Bill who then reads and discusses his poem.


'Indexing Emily' by Bill Manhire

Bill Manhire
24 August 2016

The dead gaze back across their special days:
cloud above clover, crisis above the crow ...
Such new horizons, yet they still approach. ...