Ian Lowe

Ian Lowe reviews 'The Optimistic Environmentalist' by David R. Boyd

Ian Lowe
24 February 2016

This is a timely and important book, a message of hope when human civilisation is on a metaphorical Titanic steaming toward an ecological iceberg, with the short-sighted or unprincipled throwing coal into the boilers. My heart sank when I saw the title. I expected more mindless cheer-mongering: blanket assertions of faith that human ingenuity and economic g ... More

Ian Lowe reviews 'Letters to my Grandchildren' by David Suzuki

Ian Lowe
28 September 2015

David Suzuki is well known in this country. Since he was brought to Australia by the Commission for the Future nearly thirty years ago, he has been back for many festivals and conferences. Truly a man of many parts, he was a distinguished geneticist and a leading professor in the field when it emerged as a separate discipline within the biological sciences. As ... More

Environmentalists, scientists, and commentators on environmental reform

Wayne Bergmann et al.
24 September 2015

To complement the essays, commentaries, reviews, and photographic essay in this issue, we asked a group of leading environmentalists, scientists, commentators, and writers what they regard as the most urgent action needed for environmental reform.

Wayne Bergmann

There is an urgent need for widespread recognition of the interrelationship between the ... More

Ian Lowe reviews 'Collision Course: Endless growth on a finite planet' by Kerryn Higgs

Ian Lowe
27 October 2014

This clear and cogent book is an important wake-up call. It should not need saying that it is impossible for human populations and economies to grow without limit on a finite planet, but t More