September 2014, no. 364

Welcome to the September Fiction issue! Here you will find the 2014 Jolley Prize shortlisted stories from Faith Oxenbridge, Cate Kennedy, and winner Jennifer Down. Also in the Fiction Issue: Maria Takolander on short stories, Mary Cunnane on the art of pitching, an interview with Penguin publisher Ben Ball, and ten notable Australian writers discuss their favourite short-story collections. Delia Falconer reviews Mark Henshaw’s second novel, appearing twenty-six years after his début, Felicity Plunkett reviews Helen Garner’s confronting ‘This House of Grief’, and Joel Deane reviews two titles on Julia Gillard and the Labor government.


September 2014, no. 364

Joel Deane reviews two books on Julia Gillard

Joel Deane

Joel Deane reviews two new titles on Julia Gillard and speculates whether she, like Gough Whitlam before her, has been typecast as martyr.

Felicity Plunkett reviews Helen Garner's new book

Felicity Plunkett

Felicity Plunkett reviews Helen Garner's new book about the Farquharson case and discusses the complex effect love has on human motivation.

Sarah Holland-Batt reviews 'When the Night Comes' by Favel Parrett

Sarah Holland-Batt

Sarah Holland-Batt reviews Favel Parrett's new novel and the literal and metaphorical meanings of the rough seas her characters' navigate.

Christopher Neff reviews 'Hard Choices' by Hillary Clinton and 'HRC: State Secrets and the rebirth of Hillary Clinton' by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes

Christopher Neff

It takes a village to run the world, and Hillary knows how to do it. These are the main lessons from Hillary Clinton’s new memoir, Hard Choices. The book traces the finality of her presidential campaign bid in 2008 and her four years as secretary of state. Her analysis of this period provides insights into ...

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