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November 2012, no. 346

November 2012, no. 346

David Collis on building equity among Australian schools

David Collis
I’ve never looked at a big independent school in an established suburb and thought ‘that’s not fair’ … I look at a big independent school in an established suburb and think ‘that’s a great example’.
Julia Gillard


Neal Blewett on Gough Whitlam's biography

Neal Blewett

Jenny Hocking concluded the first volume of her Whitlam biography (2008) on the eve of her subject’s electoral victory in December 1972. Gough Whitlam had been the most effective and creative opposition leader in Australian history: since 1967 he had dragged a prote ...

Joel Deane reviews 'Speechless: A Year in My Father’s Business' by James Button

Joel Deane

In 2008 I was asked to write speeches for then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. It was a tempting offer. The trouble was that I would be based in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), not the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), and would work as a public servant, not a political staffer ...

Jan McGuinness reviews two biographies of Gina Rinehart

Jan McGuinness

Reading two books about Gina Rinehart back to back is far from edifying. So rich, so controlling, so opinionated, so entitled – and these are among her less objectionable qualities, as described in the two biographies published since she burst into the headlines ami ...

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