September 2012, no. 344

September 2012, no. 344

News from the Editor's Desk

Calibre – ‘Body and Soul’

Matt Rubinstein is the overall winner of the sixth Calibre Prize for an Outstanding Essay. His essay, entitled ‘Body and Soul: Copyright Law and Enfo ...

Peter Craven on Patrick White's 'Happy Valley'

Peter Craven

Happy Valley is the first of Patrick White’s novels and it is a consistently compelling book, as well as the exhilarating performance of a great writer in the making. Everyone knows the legend, rooted in truth: that Patrick White finds his voice as a conseq ...

Bernadette Brennan reviews 'Wild Card' by Dorothy Hewett

Bernadette Brennan

Dorothy Hewett’s Wild Card: An Autobiography 1923–1958 was first published by McPhee Gribble in 1990. Now, a decade after Hewett’s death, UWA Publishing has reissued this extraordinary autobiography in a beautifully packaged, reader-friendly format. Rev ...

Jane Goodall: Remembering Robert Hughes (1938–2012)

Jane Goodall

When Gore Vidal died a few weeks ago, his publisher issued a statement calling him the last survivor of a postwar crop of American literary giants. ‘It is hard to think of another … who cut as dashing and visible a figure in various public realms,’ said Vidal’ ...

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Ben Juers


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