May 2012 no. 341

May 2012 no. 341

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New home for ABR


'Patrick White in Adelaide' by David Marr

David Marr

By the time I found him twenty-five years ago in the Adelaide Hills, Glen McBride was old, tiny, spry, and ready to boast about his career. I doubt many readers have heard of this little m ... More

The secrets of Leonard and Elizabeth Jolley

Francesca Rendle-Short

Francesca Rendle-Short


The House of Fiction: Leonard, Susan and Elizabeth Jolley
by Susan Swingler
Fremantle Press, $24.95 pb, 322 pp, 97819 ... More

Nick Hordern reviews 'Class Act: A Life of Creighton Burns' by John Tidey

Nicholas Hordern

Newspapers, they say, are in the throes of ‘far-reaching structural change’, a euphemism for ‘extinction’ that arouses complacency in the breasts of the e-literate; fury in those o ... More

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