Brigitta Olubas

Brigitta Olubas reviews 'Bronwyn Oliver: Strange things' by Hannah Fink

Brigitta Olubas
26 April 2018

Almost twelve years after her death, Bronwyn Oliver (1959–2006) remains one of Australia’s best-known sculptors; her artistic legacy supported by the prolific outputs of an intense and More

Susan Sheridan reviews 'Elizabeth Harrower: Critical essays' edited by Elizabeth McMahon and Brigitta Olubas

Susan Sheridan
22 February 2018

The appearance in 2014 of In Certain Circles, a new novel from Elizabeth Harrower, was an important literary event. The author, who still lives in Sydney, had published nothing si More

Brenda Walker reviews 'Shirley Hazzard' edited by Brigitta Olubas

Brenda Walker
26 March 2015

Shirley Hazzard is probably the most elegantly polished writer in the Australian canon: her novels and stories use traditional structures with great assurance, she writes from a thoughtful moral position, she is outspokenly engaged with the fine and the less fine elements of the Australia she once lived in, and she can be dry and funny. She spent most of her life in ... More

Brigitta Olubas reviews 'Australian Literary Studies Vol. 28, no. 1-2''

Brigitta Olubas
26 August 2014

This is a thoughtful and timely issue of Australian Literary Studies (ALS), one of Australia’s most substantial scholarly journals. It brings together scholars from institutions across Australia, India, and New Zealand to reflect on the state of the discipline of English in the context of a number of recent upheavals, including those directly relatin ... More

Brigitta Olubas reviews 'Broomstick: Personal Reflections of Leonie Kramer'

Brigitta Olubas
25 October 2012

Broomstick: Personal Reflections of Leonie Kramer has been some years in the writing, and is published now only with the assistance of Leonie Kramer’s friends, former colleagues, and daughters, with the delay ultimately due, the Preface informs us, to the progression of the author’s dementia. As the memoir of a very public figure whose name and decisive a ... More

Charles Lock reviews 'Patrick White within the Western Literary Tradition' by John Beston and 'Remembering Patrick White' edited by Elizabeth McMahon and Brigitta Olubas

Charles Lock
23 March 2011

That Patrick White is thought of as an Australian writer is, though regrettable, undeniable. Two problems follow: the first being that he tends to be presented by his critical custodi More