September 2011 no. 334

September 2011 no. 334

News from the Editor's Desk


Fiction galore

When entries closed in July, we had received 1300 entries in the ABR El ... More

Letters to the Editor - September 2011


Mitchell revealed

Dear Editor,

Your reviewer of my publication Book Life: The Life and Times of David Scott Mitchell (July–August 2011) has not properly under ... More

Peter Stothard reviews 'Rome' by Robert Hughes

Peter Stothard

There are two sorts of carelessness that a reviewer of history books will regularly see. The first is a minor marring of virtue: a small blot on a show of swashbuckling confidence and comm More

Frank McLynn: Captain Cook

Norman Etherington

The world’s greatest sea explorer versus the academics

Norman Etherington


Captain Cook: Master of the Seas
by Frank McLynnMore

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