July–August 2011, no. 333

July–August 2011, no. 333

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Majestic gongs

ABR in the past has been critical of the paucity of writers receiving national honours and the over-representation of politicians, bureaucrats, and plutocrats, so it was pleasing to find several distinguished writers among those hono ...

Michael Wesley: There Goes the Neighbourhood

Hugh White

Coping with a resurgent China

Hugh White


There Goes the Neighbourhood: Australia and the Rise of Asia
by Michael Wesley
New South, $32.95 pb, 202 pp, 9781742232720



Jo Chandler: Feeling the Heat

Rosaleen Love

Strange weather

Rosaleen Love


Feeling the Heat
by Jo Chandler
Melbourne University Press, $39.99 pb, 314 pp, 9780522857719


In Feeling the Heat

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John McBeth: Reporter

Richard Broinowski