December 2010–January 2011 no. 327

December 2010–January 2011 no. 327

News from the Editor's Desk


Takolander’s prize

Maria Takolander – a poet and academic at Deakin University – has won the 2010 ABR Short Story Competition, worth $2000. The judges, Chris Flyn ... More

Lyn Williams, Geoffrey Blainey, Stephen Edgar, Judith Armstrong, Susan Magarey, John Carmody


Fred Williams and Arnold Shore
Dear Editor,

Felicity St John Moore, in her review (November 2010) of Arnold Shore: Pioneer Modernist ... More

John Howard: Lazarus Rising; and Tony Blair: A Journey

John Hirst

lazarus-risingMasters of the game

John Hirst


... More

George Megalogenis: Trivial Pursuit; and Barrie Cassidy: The Party Thieves

Joel Deane

Trivial-PursuitTwo different readings of the federal election

Joel Deane< ... More

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