December 2010–January 2011, no. 327

December 2010–January 2011, no. 327

News from the Editor's Desk


Takolander’s prize

Maria Takolander – a poet and academic at Deakin University – has won the 2010 ABR Short Story Competition, worth $2000. The judges, Chris Flynn and Peter Rose, were impressed, and amused, by her story ‘A Roānkin Philoso ...

Lyn Williams, Geoffrey Blainey, Stephen Edgar, Judith Armstrong, Susan Magarey, John Carmody


Fred Williams and Arnold Shore
Dear Editor,

Felicity St John Moore, in her review (November 2010) of Arnold Shore: Pioneer Modernist, by Rob Haysom, makes the Modernist connection between the work of Arnold ...

John Hirst reviews 'Lazarus Rising' by John Howard and 'A Journey' by Tony Blair

John Hirst

John Howard and Tony Blair both came to the prime ministership in landslides, Howard in 1996, Blair in 1997. They were on opposite sides of the traditional political divide, Howard leading a Liberal Party opposed to Australian Labor and Blair leading the British Labour Party ...

Joel Deane reviews 'Trivial Pursuit (Quarterly Essay 40)' by George Megalogenis and 'The Party Thieves' by Barrie Cassidy

Joel Deane

Political writers are much like their sports-writing cousins. Most simply tell it as they see it, recounting the highs and lows of the game, the winners and losers, the statistics and scoreline. Some – courtesy of a flair for language, a well-stocked contacts book, or the perspective that comes from being a former player or a veteran observer ...

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