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Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards is an official war historian, the award-winning biographer of Sir Arthur Tange, and a Trustee of Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance.

‘Warts and all: New forms of political interference in official histories’ by Peter Edwards

January-February 2024, no. 461 19 December 2023
Well-informed debate on national security, never more important than now, depends on reliable accounts of historical episodes, ones not distorted by latter-day political or diplomatic sensitivities. For more than a century, Australians have benefited from a tradition of official histories of the nation’s involvement in conflicts and peacekeeping operations, for which governments of all persuasio ... (read more)

Peter Edwards reviews 'A Military History of Australia, Third Edition' by Jeffrey Grey and 'Duty First: A History of The Royal Australian Regiment, Second Edition' edited by David Horner and Jean Bou

June 2008, no. 302 01 June 2008
Not many Australian historians have managed to publish major books, based on years of scholarly research, which have evoked both immediate and enduring acclaim. It therefore says something both about intrinsic value and about the tastes of the book-buying public when such a book goes into a second or even a third edition, ten or more years after its first appearance. The weeks preceding Anzac Day ... (read more)