March 2007, no. 289

March 2007, no. 289

2007 Porter Prize winner: 'Sanctum' by Alex Skovron

Alex Skovron

So there he was in the library, crouched above the floor
      like a mousetrap, squinting into his rickety parallel edition
of the Satires. The paperback was from the late fifties;

Christina Hill reviews 'The Time We Have Taken' by Steven Carroll

Christina Hill

Steven Carroll’s The Time We Have Taken is the latest in his trilogy – with The Art of the Engine Driver (2001), The Gift of Speed (2004) – about a northern suburb of Melbourne. Referred to only as ‘the suburb’, this anonymity serves to make it a universal place on the fringes of any Australian city ...

Peter Pierce reviews 'The Widow and Her Hero' by Tom Keneally

Peter Pierce

In September 1943, seventeen commandos of Z Special Force, led by Lieutenant Commander Ivan Lyon, attacked and sank with limpet mines seven ships in the Singapore harbour. A year later, in October 1944, when the Pacific War had only months to run, a repeat performance failed and all those involved were ...