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David Walker

‘A brief history of the future’ by David Walker

February–March 1994, no. 158 01 February 1994
In October 1993 I picked up a copy of Window, the ‘Weekly Hong Kong Newsmagazine with Exclusive Coverage of China’ and found in the Business and Finance section a Profile, ‘Bob Hawke’s Eagle Eye in Asia’. There was a photograph of the Eagle, who described himself as a ‘business commentator and facilitator of increased enmeshment in Asia’. This was certainly a confident label. Reading ... (read more)

'A foot in the Chinese door' by David Walker

October 1994, no. 165 01 October 1994
Those fortunate enough to hear Professor Liu Haiping speak on ‘Universities in a Changing China’ in Melbourne last month were given much food for thought. As Dean of the School of Foreign Studies at Nanjing University he has been at the centre of a period of rapid change in Chinese higher education. His audience was rather taken aback by some uncanny similarities between their system and ours ... (read more)