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Richard Hall

Richard Hall (1937–03) was a journalist, author, and one-time secretary to Gough Whitlam.

Richard Hall reviews 'Paradise Mislaid: In search of the Australian tribe of Paraguay' by Anne Whitehead

February–March 1998, no. 198 01 February 1998
LEON CADOGAN 1899–1973. One of the foremost ethnographic experts in Paraguay. He was noted for his research on the origins, languages and customs of the Forest Indians of Eastern Paraguay. The son of an Australian immigrant belonging to the New Australia Co-Operative Society ... he was one of the first people to denounce the mistreatment of the Ache (one of the tribes) at the hands of the Mezi ... (read more)

Richard Hall reviews 'Political Lives' edited by Judith Brett

November 1997, no. 196 01 November 1997
The photo is opposite page eighty. I suspect from the faint fluff in the hair that it’s late 1972. It was taken in the office by a photographer from the Australian News and Information Bureau, a group who were not your art-portrait photographers. The sitting would have been over in a minute; the subject didn’t spend time posing. The caption reads: Many pictures of Gough Whitlam recall Eric ... (read more)