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Alan Dilnot

Alan Dilnot

Alan Dilnot is a Research Fellow at Monash University. He is co-editor of London, Flower of Cities All (2018) and author of ‘By me William Shakspeare’: A study of Shakespeare’s handwriting (2020).

Alan Dilnot reviews 'Dickens and the Bible: "What providence meant"' by Jennifer Gribble

July 2021, no. 433 23 June 2021
It is well known that Charles Dickens draws an analogy between the novelist as creator and the Creator of the cosmos: ‘I think the business of art is to lay all [the] ground carefully, but with the care that conceals itself – to show, by a backward light, what everything has been working to – but only to suggest, until the fulfilment comes. These are the ways of Providence, of which ways, al ... (read more)