#20 Forty years of ABR: Peter Rose in conversation with Beejay Silcox

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 12:04
Published in The ABR Podcast

Peter Rose spoke to Beejay Silcox, recipient of Australian Book Review Fortieth Birthday Fellowship, about developments at ABR since the revival of the magazine's second series in 1978. Beejay also discusses her Fellowship essay, 'Defying the moment', an engaging in-depth look at Australian magazine culture featuring interviews with several leading editors: Jonathan Green (Meanjin), Nick Feik (The Monthly), Amy Middleton (Archer), Mindy Gill (Peril), Rebecca Starford (Kill Your Darlings), and Jacinda Woodhead (Overland).

You can read Beejay Silcox's essay 'Defying the moment' in the April 2018 issue of ABR.

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Music by www.bensound.com and David McCooey.

Published in The ABR Podcast