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Barnaby Smith Monday, 29 October 2018
Published in ABR Arts

Paul Dano, one of the most soulful and intense actors of his generation, has appeared in a number of films over the last decade in which rupture and dysfunction serve to undermine a family unit. In Little Miss Sunshine (2006) he famously played the voluntarily mute Dwayne, while the elegant and underrated For Ellen (2012) is another meditation on family that sees Dano’s character struggle between his ambition as a musician and his duty to his child. You could even argue that Love & Mercy (2014), with Dano excelling as Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, is at least in part the tale of personal relationships imploding within the family-like structure of a band.

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Published in ABR Arts
Barnaby Smith

Barnaby Smith

Barnaby Smith is a writer, critic, poet and musician currently based in northern New South Wales. His has written for Rolling Stone, the ABC, The Guardian, The Lifted Brow, The Quietus, Art GuideSoutherly, Cordite, Best Australian Poems and many others. In 2018 he won the Scarlett Award for art writing.