Fiona Wright: Knuckled

Dream. Drive. Drizzle.

Rose Lucas


by Fiona Wright
Giramondo, $24 pb, 92 pp, 9781920882754


Knuckled, poet and editor Fiona Wright’s highly anticipated first collection, arrives with an assuredness of style and voice that augurs well for Australian poetry. The overarching idea of ‘knuckles’ – of being knuckled, of beating knuckles, of the working joints of bare hands, even the throwing of knuckles in a game of chance – gives us a strong clue to the collection’s main themes. These fluent and highly evocative poems bring a sharply observed, sometimes bruised, sometimes raw and violent sense of the worlds they document. The poet as watcher and as reflector of such images is a robust filter through which to moderate the world of perception, and yet is inevitably precarious in the face of the onslaught from outside; of the intrusion of otherness into the vulnerable sanctuary of the self.

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Published in February 2012, no. 338
Rose Lucas

Rose Lucas

Rose Lucas is a Melbourne poet and academic. Her first collection, Even in the Dark (UWAP 2013) won the Mary Gilmore Award; her second collection was Unexpected Clearing (UWAP 2016. She is currently completing her third collection, This Shuttered Eye. She teaches in Graduate Research at Victoria University where she also supervises in creative writing and literary studies.