May 2015, issue no. 371

The Drawing Master: Andrew Sayers' 'Aboriginal Artists of the Nineteenth Century'

Tim Bonyhady & Melinda Hinkson

Many good books are published about Australian art, but few change the way we see and understand it. When Andrew Sayers’ ​Aboriginal Artists of the Nineteenth Century appeared in August 1994, it immediately did that, as the critic Bruce James was quick to recogniseMore

Jon Altman reviews Noel Pearson's Quarterly Essay ' A Rightful Place'

Jon Altman

Whether you love or hate lawyer–activist Noel Pearson’s ideas, you have to admire his chutzpah, his willingness to put his ideas out there for public discussion and debate, even if his own dogmatism sometimes limits his diplomatic engagements.

His latest offering, A Rightful Place, outlines his manifesto for indigenous constitutional recognition. ... More

Aboriginal Political Agency

Richard J. Martin

Protests, Land Rights and Riots examines indigenous politics in New South Wales in the 1980s. The discussion focuses on several protests, including the infamous 1987 ‘Brewarrina riot’, which followed the death of a young Aboriginal man in police custody, as well as a 1990 demonstration against amendments to the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (New ... More

More than History's Victims

Tim Rowse
Tim Rowse reviews the book of Marcia Langton’s 2013 Boyer Lectures on Aborigines and the resources boom.


2013 Calibre Prize (Winner): Because it's Your Country

Martin Thomas

The morgue in Gunbalanya holds no more than half a dozen corpses – and, as usual, it was full. When the Old Man died in the wet season of 2012, they had to fly him to Darwin, only to discover that the morgue there was already overcrowded. So they moved him again, this time to Katherine, where they put him on ice until the funeral. The hot climate notwithstan ... More

Richard J. Martin reviews 'People on Country'

Richard J. Martin

Over the last few years, issues associated with underdevelopment in Aboriginal Australia have been widely canvassed in the mainstream press, led by the likes of Noel Pearson, Marcia Langton, and Peter Sutton. This new edited volume adopts a somewhat different approach to Aboriginal development, focusing on Indigenous involvement in natural resource management around ... More

Darrell Lewis: A Wild History

John Rickard

John Rickard


A Wild History: Life and Death on the Victoria River Frontier
by Darrell Lewis
Monash University Publishing, $29.95 pb, 342 pp, 9781921867262


Darrell Lewis first encountered the Victoria River District of the Northern Territory in 1971 when he wo ... More

Lyndall Ryan: Tasmanian Aborigines

Greg Lehman

The sequel to Lyndall Ryan’s seminal history

Greg Lehman


Tasmanian Aborigines: A History Since 1803
by Lyndall Ryan
Allen & Unwin, $35 pb, 445 pp, 9781742370682


One of the first things that Australians learn at school or on arrival as migrants ... More

Alex Miller and a craving for mythos

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall


The Novels of Alex Miller: An Introduction
edited by Robert Dixon
Allen & Unwin, $39.99 pb, 268 pp, 9781742378640


As creative writing programs continue to surge in popularity, it has become something of an uphill battle to recruit students fo ... More

John Maynard: The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe

Bernard Whimpress

Bernard Whimpress


The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe: A History of Aboriginal Involvement with the World Game
by John Maynard
Magabala Books, $24.95 pb, 192 pp, 9781921248399


Communities, extended family connections, and role models have been keys to Aboriginal part ... More

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