August 2019, issue no. 413

Ilana Snyder reviews Antisemitism: Here and now by Deborah Lipstadt

Ilana Snyder
07 June 2019

Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt is renowned as the woman who defeated David More

Ilana Snyder reviews 'All The Rivers' by Dorit Rabinyan, translated by Jessica Cohen

Ilana Snyder
29 November 2017

In December 2015, Israel’s Ministry of Education banned Dorit Rabinyan’s prize-winning novel All the Rivers from the high school curriculum on the grounds that the s More

Ilana Snyder reviews 'Required Reading: Literature in Australian schools since 1945' edited by Tim Dolin, Joanne Jones, and Patricia Dowsett

Ilana Snyder
28 September 2017

At the heart of Required Reading is a database called ALIAS (Analysis of Literature in Australian Schools). It includes all the reading material prescribed for senior secondary En More

Ilana Snyder reviews 'Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish conflict over Israel' by Dov Waxman

Ilana Snyder
21 July 2016

Two Jews, three opinions. Jews nod their heads in agreement when they hear those words, just as they chuckle knowingly at the story of the two Jews stranded on a desert island ...


Ilana Snyder reviews 'Older and Bolder' by Renata Singer

Ilana Snyder
29 October 2015

In 1971, the Boston Women's Health Collective published Our Bodies, Ourselves, which became an international phenomenon and was translated into twenty-nine languages. For second wave feminists, taking control of their lives and their bodies was a basic principle. The book provided information related to sexuality, birth control, abortion, pregnancy and chil ... More