The ABR Patrons

ABR gratefully acknowledges the support of its Patrons  

Generous donations from Patrons have transformed Australian Book Review in recent years, with major benefits for Australian writers and readers. These donations have enabled us to expand our programs, to diversify the magazine, and to be more ambitious and outward-looking. Most importantly, we have increased our payments to contributors at a time when paid freelance opportunities are relatively few. Our three literary prizes, our several Fellowships, and ABR Arts are only possible because of cultural philanthropy. With support from Patrons we look forward to preserving and improving the magazine for many years to come. In recognition of our Patrons’ continuing generosity, ABR records multiple donations cumulatively.

If you wish to discuss the ABR Patrons Program, please contact Peter Rose at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (03) 9699 8822. 



($100,000 or more)

Ian Dickson

($75,000 to $99,999)

Maria Myers AC 
Anonymous (1)

($50,000 to $74,999)

Blake Beckett Fund
Morag Fraser AM
Colin Golvan AM QC

($25,000 to $49,999)

Anita Apsitis and Graham Anderson
Dr Steve and Mrs TJ Christie
Peter Corrigan AM (1941–2016)
Professor Glyn Davis AC and Professor Margaret Gardner AC
Pauline Menz
Ruth and Ralph Renard
Mary-Ruth Sindrey and Peter McLennan 
Kim Williams AM
Anonymous (2)

($15,000 to $24,999)

Bill Boyce (in memory of Kate Boyce, 1935-2020)
Emeritus Professor David Carment AM
Margaret Plant
Lady Potter AC CMRI

($10,000 to $14,999)

Peter Allan
Geoffrey Applegate OBE and Sue Glenton
Dr Neal Blewett AC
Helen Brack
Professor Ian Donaldson (d. 2020) and Dr Grazia Gunn
Emeritus Professor Anne Edwards AO
Dr Alastair Jackson AM
Neil Kaplan CBE QC and Su Lesser
Peter McMullin
Steve Morton
Allan Murray-Jones
Professor Colin and Ms Carol Nettelbeck
David Poulton
Peter Rose and Christopher Menz
John Scully
Emeritus Professor Andrew Taylor AM
Anonymous (1)

($5,000 to $9,999)

Gillian Appleton
Professor The Hon. Kevin Bell AM QC and Tricia Byrnes
Dr Bernadette Brennan
Des Cowley
Professor The Hon. Gareth Evans AC QC
Helen Garner
Cathrine Harboe-Ree AM
Professor Margaret Harris
The Hon. Peter Heerey AM QC (d. 2021)
Dr Susan Lever OAM
Don Meadows
Susan Nathan
Professor John Rickard
Ilana Snyder and Ray Snyder AM
Noel Turnbull
Mary Vallentine AO
Susan Varga and Anne Coombs
Bret Walker AO SC
Nicola Wass
Ruth Wisniac OAM and Dr John Miller AO
Anonymous (3)

($2,500 to $4,999)

Helen Angus
Australian Communities Foundation (JRA Support Fund)
Kate Baillieu
Professor Frank Bongiorno AM
Professor Jan Carter AM
Donna Curran and Patrick McCaughey
Emeritus Professor Helen Ennis
Professor Paul Giles
Reuben Goldsworthy
Dr Joan Grant
Dr Gavan Griffith AO QC
Tom Griffiths 
Mary Hoban
Claudia Hyles OAM
Dr Barbara Kamler
Linsay and John Knight
Professor John Langmore AM
Pamela McLure
Rod Morrison
Stephen Newton AO
Jillian Pappas
Judith Pini (honouring Agnes Helen Pini, 1939-2016)
John Richards
Dr Trish Richardson and Mr Andy Lloyd James
Dr Jennifer Strauss AM
Robert Session AM
Emerita Professor Susan Sheridan and Emerita Professor Susan Magarey AM
Professor Janna Thompson
Lisa Turner
Dr Barbara Wall
Jacki Weaver AO
Emeritus Professor Elizabeth Webby AM
Lyn Williams AM
Anonymous (3)

($1,000 to $2,499)

Nicole Abadee and Rob Macfarlan
Samuel Allen and Beejay Silcox
Professor Dennis Altman AM
Paul Anderson
Judith Bishop and Petr Kuzmin
Professor Frank Bongiorno
John Bugg
Peter Burch AM BM
Sonja Chalmers
Robyn Dalton
Jim Davidson AM
Joel Deane
Jason Drewe
Jean Dunn
Johanna Featherstone
Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick
Roslyn Follett
Steve Gome
Professor Russell Goulbourne
Dr Michael Henry AM
Professor Sarah Holland-Batt
Professor Grace Karskens
Alison Leslie
David Loggia
Dr Brian McFarlane OAM
Dr Stephen McNamara
Emeritus Professor Peter McPhee AM
Muriel Mathers
Felicity St John Moore
Dr Brenda Niall AO
Angela Nordlinger
Jane Novak
Professor Michael L. Ondaatje
Diana and Helen O'Neil
Barbara Paterson
Estate of Dorothy Porter
Mark Powell
Emeritus Professor Roger Rees
Libby Robin
Stephen Robinson
Professor David Rolph
Dr Della Rowley (in memory of Hazel Rowley, 1951–2011)
Professor Lynette Russell AM
Michael Shmith
Professor David Throsby AO and Dr Robin Hughes AO
Dr Helen Tyzack
Emeritus Professor James Walter
Natalie Warren
Ursula Whiteside
Kyle Wilson
Anonymous (6)

($500 to $999)

Damian and Sandra Abrahams
Professor Michael Adams
Lyle Allan
Dr Georgina Arnott
Professor Cassandra Atherton
Douglas Batten
Jean Bloomfield
Raymond Bonner
Professor Kate Burridge
Donata Carrazza
Blanche Clark
Megan Clement
Alex Cothren
Allan Driver
Stuart Flavell
Dr Anna Goldsworthy
Dr Peter Goldsworthy AM
Anne Grindrod
Dilan Gunawardana
Associate Professor Michael Halliwell
Paul Hetherington
Robyn Hewitt
Dr Benjamin Huf
Dr Amanda Johnson
Anthony Kane
Robyn Lansdowne
Alison Lelsie
Kimberly and Julian McCarthy
Professor Ronan McDonald
Michael Macgeorge
Peter Mares
Hon. Chris Maxwell AC
Dr Lyndon Megarrity
Emeritus Professor Michael Morley
Dr Lucy Neave
Penelope Nelson
Patricia Nethery
Mark O'Donoghue
Gillian Pauli
Professor Anne Pender
J.W. de B. Persse
Emeritus Professor Wilfrid Prest AM
Dr Ron Radford AM
Dr Jan Richardson
Ann Marie Ritchie
Dr Francesca Jurate Sasnaitis
Peter Stanford
Dr Josephine Taylor
Professor Rita Wilson
Dr Diana and Mr John Wyndham
Anonymous (2)

($250 to $499)

Philip Brown and Penny Andrews
Jenny Fry
Barbara Hoad
Margaret Hollingdale
Penelope Johns
Margaret Robson Kett
Ian McKenzie
Anastasios Piperoglou
Alex Skovron
Margaret Smith
Professor Graham Tulloch
Anonymous (1)


Gillian Appleton
Ian Dickson
John Button
Peter Corrigan AM
Dr Kerryn Goldsworthy
Peter Rose
Francesca Jurate Sasnaitis
Anonymous (3)

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