Will Eaves

'Barroco' a new poem by Will Eaves

Will Eaves
28 April 2015

If I were to write down a list
of everything I miss I’d miss
the most important thing,
an irregular pearl. Not gifts –
books on corvids, Wild Lone,
‘Ballad of Gordon, Alpha Cock,
who clawed to death a fox
and Bedlington terrier’ – or this

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The Presence at Drake Court

Will Eaves
27 March 2014

What’s missing from this floor?
The furniture, but also the reason

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100,000,000 ad

Will Eaves
08 June 2011

100,000,000 ad


The Captain’s keen to explore, go deeper,
Take core samples, measure astronomical tilt.
He says the clues are down there and the truth;
Our forebears, numerously well-preserved,
Point to the paradox of their success: death
Learnt from them and wore a cunning face.