Felicity Plunkett

Felicity Plunkett's 'Yellow'

Felicity Plunkett
27 November 2013
Yellow-1 ... More

All the Birds, Singing

Felicity Plunkett
27 June 2013
Felicity Plunkett reviews Evie Wyld’s novel ‘All the Birds, Singing’, which went on to win the 2014 Miles Franklin Literary Award.


Fiona Capp: My Blood's Country

Felicity Plunkett
08 June 2011

The dummy’s arm

Felicity Plunkett


My Blood’s Country: In the Footsteps of Judith Wright
by Fiona Capp
Allen & Unwin, $27.99 pb, 217 pp, 9781741754872


Late in My Blood’s Country, Fiona Capp describes a dream that Meredith McKinney ... More

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