'Diary Poem: Uses of Cosiness', a new poem by Jennifer Maiden

Jennifer Maiden
26 March 2013

Emboldened by sharing, briefly, the same
publisher as Frieda Hughes, I looked up
an article on her latest collection, found
a photo of her living room, which seemed


'An Ordinary Evening in Newtown', a new poem by Laurie Duggan

Laurie Duggan
26 March 2013


Camperdown’s for dogs,
Friday evening in the park off Church Street

a barefoot man
carries a plank:


'Early to Bed', a new poem by Clive James

Clive James
25 March 2013
Old age is not my problem. Bad health, yes.
If I were well again, I’d walk for miles,
My name a synonym for tirelessness.
On Friday nights I’d go out on the tiles:

'Life Cycle of the Eel', a new poem by Sarah Holland-Batt

Sarah Holland-Batt
11 March 2013

A flash like silver cufflinks
ribbons off into river grass:
a fluid lick of nickel,
the sidle and slather of eel.


'Sorrowful', a new poem by Jennifer Compton

Jennifer Compton
07 March 2013

The house is up for tender and will be sold.
Houses always sell
– in the end. Even if it is
for the land. Smoking out or treading down

'A Denizen', a new poem by Les Murray

Les Murray
03 March 2013

The octopus is dead
who lived in Wylies Baths
below the circus balustrade
and the chocked sea tiles.


'Fragile Pranks', a new poem by Emma Lew

Emma Lew
29 January 2013

I left anyway, in spirit
dreamed I was living my own life
my mind was on exits, I tried to buy the truth
some nights until I ran out of dark


'Brother', a new poem by John Kinsella

John Kinsella
27 November 2012

Searching for his crowd
out of the silence of the cloister,
black robes tousled by the nor’-wester,
first bite of heat caught on the brim


'Tide: My Father’s Dementia', a new poem by Mike Ladd

Mike Ladd
25 October 2012
'Tide: My Father’s Dementia', a new poem by Mike Ladd. More

'Convocation', a new poem by Gareth Robinson

Gareth Robinson
25 October 2012
'Convocation', a new poem by Gareth Robinson. More
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