'Mostly water', a new poem by Bonny Cassidy

Bonny Cassidy
27 February 2014

In winter the garden
like the back of our mind

a faint young sun.


'Ode to the Metro', a new poem by Fiona Wright

Fiona Wright
27 February 2014

There’s a still point in the afternoon
when the cross-eyed dogs
in the smudged pet-shop window
are a distraction:


'Smell', a new poem by Thomas Shapcott

Thomas Shapcott
27 February 2014

Underneath everything we touch is the smell
Of something too obvious to express
And yet we say there is nothing, nothing at all.


'Plagiarism Dreams', a new poem by Fiona Hile

Fiona Hile
19 January 2014

We met at the end of the party
when all the lights were fouled
with drink and even the self-titled
Ouzo Animal was yawning in protest


'St Kilda Beach', a new poem by Louis Armand

Louis Armand
19 January 2014

The day the UFO stopped below the esplanade,
they interrupted the war for an ad break.


'You', a new poem by Ali Alizadeh

Ali Alizadeh
19 January 2014

You walked with me

that day, or night, I wasn’t walking
perhaps, maybe I wasn’t me


'Skogskyrkogården', a new poem by Alyson Miller

Alyson Miller
19 January 2014

In the half-light, we walk through woodlands that keep lost
children and old stones, shadowed by pines that seem to breathe
small prayers into the wind. Joggers weave silently around
tombstones like nig More

'Doppeldanger', a new poem by John F. Buckley and Martin Ott

John F. Buckley & Martin Ott
17 January 2014

Scoring forty-nine flesh wounds in sixty-five episodes, federal agent Mark Sterling
and Soviet superspy Vladimir Volkov faced off in five seasons of Checkmate!,
cheeky Cold War television thriller, two foes More

'Your Paintings', a new poem by Lucy Dougan

Lucy Dougan
28 November 2013

More and more I live with your paintings
or more precisely the moment
you first saw them and chose them:
the red bird sitting in


'Crying on cue', a new poem by Anthony Lynch

Anthony Lynch
28 November 2013

An American wannabe child star
told the workshop of his still-born
brother. How his mother had said
the lost one, endlessly cast in a silent

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