Geoff Page: 'Seeing People'

Geoff Page
06 January 2015

Seeing people who remind you
just a little of the dead
is always mildly disconcerting –

something in the face, the gait,
the shoulders from behind,
those likenesses that don’t surprise

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'Nuptial Bog', a new poem by Tracy Ryan

Tracy Ryan
18 December 2014

I am building my roof of turf   my peaty sheath
a coveted blanket   roll me up in it and I go out
like a light   like the wisp rising at night
that country people swear the More

'Plum(b)', a new poem by Cassandra Atherton

Cassandra Atherton
18 December 2014
William Carlos Williams is a genius. And he has my lover’s initials. Or rather my lover has his initials. I often eat the plums that were in the icebox. But I don’t expect to be forgiven. Not everything depends upon More

Clive James: 'A Silent Speech by Julia Gillard'

Clive James
16 December 2014

High dungeon was a feeling I knew well
When mockery from men weighed on my soul.
As your Prime Minister I went through hell,
If I can say so without hyperbowl.


'Blush', a new poem by Cameron Lowe

Cameron Lowe
15 December 2014

The sudden blush on us        you move
as wind sweeps across blue water
you move       the clouds


'Axis 12. Addenda', a new poem by A.J. Carruthers for Pam Brown

A.J. Carruthers
15 December 2014

for C.                 

'Time Watch', a new poem by Tina Kane

Tina Kane
25 November 2014
Year after year I say I have no time.
Thinking of you now as I pass by the Riverside Cathedral
I remember how year after year we made time for lunch –
you standing under More

'Rent Time', a new poem by Gig Ryan

Gig Ryan
25 November 2014


Anywhere’s more homely
than this field day to mortality,
accumulating severances
that wrangle distance
like before and after’s rosary of rue.


'The Art of the Fugue', a new poem by Stephen Edgar

Stephen Edgar
25 November 2014

So, summoned by that call across the wide
And complicated city, pressed
And yet reluctant to arrive,
We found among the ranks of the distressed,


'Danger: Lantana', a new poem by Ross Clark

Ross Clark
21 November 2014

sampling Jeffrey Harrison’s ‘Danger: Tulip’,
from Ploughshares, Winter 2006–07

Was I hoping to find my way to the creek, loud
with unseasonal rain, and to see, perhaps,

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