Charmaine PapertalkGreen

Yamaji Culture
A culture worth loving
A culture worth fighting for
A culture worthy of being loved

Why tell me I don't need it?
Why tell me I can't need it?
Why tell me I can't love it?
Why tell me it's not worth fighting for?
Why tell me it's not worthy of love?

Yamaji Culture
I love it – I laugh for it
I stress for it – I cry fo ...

Can you smell it?
Not like the first rains
Nor the first blooms
But a rather putrid
Vomit inducing smell
The bad smell of Australia

Like stinking body odour
Emitted at footy matches
Fast on social media
With each boo the
Smell got stronger
With each name calling
The smell got stronger
With each denial the
S ...

States of Poetry 2016 - Western Australia | About Charmaine Papertalk-Green

Australian Book Review
Monday, 22 February 2016

Charmaine Papertalk GreenCharmaine Papertalk-Green

Charmaine ...