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Lesley Lebkowicz

Lesley Lebkowicz has been publishing poetry since the early 1980s. Her last book, The Petrov Poems (Pitt Street Poetry), won a Canberra Critics’ Circle award, was shortlisted for the 2014 ACT Book of the Year, and won the 2014 ACT Writing and Publishing Award (Poetry). She has also published a collection of short fiction Washing my Mother’s Hair, and a translation of the earliest Buddhist verse cycle, in collaboration with Pali scholars. She has spent many years in silent retreat and founded the Canberra Insight Meditation Group. 2017 saw her first exhibition of ceramics. Another is planned for 2018 as is the publication of her next book Kvetch (Pitt Street Poetry).

States of Poetry Series Three - ACT | 'Making the road' by Lesley Lebkowicz

States of Poetry ACT - Series Three 31 May 2018
The gentle hills north of Taralgaunfold as though everything were possible. Treesgrow. Their crowns shift in the small wind showing off new leaf tips: pink, green, a hintof blue. The cows in the paddocks are big and brown. They browse and stareinto space. One lays her head on her friend’s shoulder. Their calves lollop aroundgetting the hang of things. A bull is fenced in. He stands still. A ... (read more)

States of Poetry Series Three - ACT | 'Moorhen at Black Mountain Peninsula' by Lesley Lebkowicz

States of Poetry ACT - Series Three 31 May 2018
Five ducks are standingon a narrow strip of concrete designed to ease boats into the water.They have their backs to me; even so, at the sound of my steps,they slide into the lake. A moorhen rises up andonto the concrete. She raises the dark wedge of her tailand shits a neat soft gleaming pile then steps towards mesmall yellow beak leading the way like a dainty beacon. I yearnfor things to be ... (read more)