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Carolyn Abbs grew up in the south of England, and now lives in Fremantle, Western Australia. She has published poems in journals and anthologies such as Westerly, Cordite, Rabbit, Writ Poetry Review, The Best Australian Poems 2014, and in Axon: Creative Explorations (issue 9), a series of ten poems, with photography by her sister, Elizabeth Roberts. Her PhD is from Murdoch University, where she taught in the School of Arts (English) for a number of years. She has published an academic book Virginia Woolf: a mosaic of nonverbal arts (2010). Carolyn is currently working towards a first collection of poetry.

States of Poetry

'At the house where my father was born'

'Orphan's Boot'

'Surely Someone'

'Triple Mirrors'

'Tulips in Black and White'


States of Poetry 2016 WA Podcast | 'At the house where my father was born' and 'Triple Mirrors' by Carolyn Abbs


'At the house where my father was born' was published in Axon: Creative Explorations, issue 9, vol. 5.2, 2015.

'Surely Someone' was published in Cordite Poetry Review, no. 49, 2015.

'Tulips in Black & White' (an earlier version) was published in Black & White Photography, Issue 72, 2007.

'Triple Mirrors' was published in Westerly, 60.2, 2015.

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