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States of Poetry 2016 - Victoria | 'Fancy' by Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell
Monday, 22 February 2016

I was riding a shark through Cork, just for the exercise of course
It might seem quaint but rather it was
Gorgeous, like an early morning courtyard
Imagine the dialogue. AC/DC confronts shark
       shark repeats
       shadow prime minister's
You guys are the white Australian Uluru. Fancy, say ...

Who are you? You hear the song, the
Good line along with the others in the
Hair salon. That place for standing in; for< ...

 Strawberries: a mania of strawberries on a


Like a teacup in a snowstorm I
Find you and break you. A sentry reptile, I advise you
To return quietly to the campfire. You mistakenly took
My interest in theology for a strategy

States of Poetry 2016 - Victoria | About Michael Farrell

Australian Book Review
Monday, 22 February 2016

M Farrell mediumMichael Farrell was born in Bombala, NSW and has lived in Melbourne since 1990 (Fitzroy since 2008). His ...

David McCooey reviews 'Cocky's Joy' by Michael Farrell

David McCooey
Friday, 29 May 2015

As popular culture has long understood (hello Priscilla, hello Muriel), there is something queer about Australia. Michael Farrell’s latest collection of poems, Cocky’s Joy, rewrites Australia as a site of almost-inherent queerness. ‘Cocky’ is antipodean slang for a farmer, but the term’s evocation here is surely a camp subversion of traditional, mas ...

'Pope Pinocchio's Angels' a new poem by Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell
Thursday, 26 February 2015

    Angels are made from banksia. They are grown in Prague, are
Exported in all directions, and turn grey in air. They
Only fly in places where the ground is hard. If
You try to count them they turn into numbers. If
You try to call them they turn into names. They
Are not decorative at parties but illustrative, of Guernica, for example


Michael Farrell is Poet of the Month

Thursday, 26 February 2015

I’m inclined to say poems are triggered, or ‘arrive’, rather than they’re the fruit of inspiration. The poem does have to be written, which is in itself craft. The best poems may need a little tinkering, but on the whole I’d rather not labour away at a sow’s ear. (Though I should say I value a real sow’s ear above a silk purse.)

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In their crucibles they attempt a new kind of tea
every day, usually through a combination of
Methods, such as the fox method, the hydrangea
method and the sunlight method this is a colour-

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'The Grandfather', a new poem by Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell
Monday, 27 August 2012
'The Grandfather', a new poem by Michael Farrell. ... (read more)
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