States of Poetry 2016 - Victoria | 'Fancy' by Michael Farrell

I was riding a shark through Cork, just for the exercise of course
It might seem quaint but rather it was
Gorgeous, like an early morning courtyard
Imagine the dialogue. AC/DC confronts shark
       shark repeats
       shadow prime minister's
You guys are the white Australian Uluru. Fancy, say they
It became noon. An emu
In police uniform joined the fray
'Yair, just wanted to say
G'day?' There was not a logician
In sight, so we rode like the wind
It was the church bells not the emu who rang, the red light
       doesn't apply to
You. So long since
I'd heard that said. Another emu
Galoshes ran out. 'Forty-five on New Amsterdam'
It' went a third. We were no longer, say
In the outback
Yet we were thinking of the Magic Pudding: his slices packed
Grey sardines
In silver tins


Michael Farrell