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Karen Knight

Karen Knight 250Karen Knight lives in Hobart. She has been widely published and anthologised since the 1960s, and has written four collections of poetry. The most recent, Postcards from the Asylum (Pardalote Press, 2008), won the 2005 Dorothy Hewett Flagship Fellowship Award, the 2007 ACT Alec Bolton Poetry Prize, and the University of Tasmania Prize (Tasmania Book Prizes 2011) for best book by a Tasmanian publisher. Karen Knight enjoys collaborating with other poets, musicians, and visual artists. She teamed up with Scottish writer Dilys Rose in 2006 on a long-distance poetry collection tackling the same topics from different hemispheres. This resulted in the publication Twinset (Knucker Press, Edinburgh, 2008). She has just completed a two-year project with printmaker Michael Schlitz, and is currently working on a collection of poems based on Willow Court Asylum, (1827-2000), New Norfolk, Tasmania with fellow poet Liz McQuilkin.

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States of Poetry 2016 Podcast | 'Atonement' by Karen Knight

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