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Graeme Hetherington

Graeme HetheringtonGraeme Hetherington, born in 1937, grew up on the west coast of Tasmania before attending boarding school and the University of Tasmania in Hobart, where he became a lecturer in the Classics Department. Not finding any Hittites, Greeks, or Romans in Australia, he went to Europe for a more substantial contact with them. Most of his adult life has been spent there, but he now lives back in Tasmania. He is the author of four books of poetry, and has another two coming out in 2017.

One of the themes of his work is disorientation à la Richard Mahoney!

States of Poetry

'Bill and Gwen'

'Learning to Know One's Place'

'For Bill Harwood'

'Upper Heights and Lower Depths'



States of Poetry 2016 Tasmania Podcast | 'Avila' by Graeme Hetherington

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