States of Poetry 2016 - South Australia | 'Where Brownlee Went' by Thom Sullivan

Thom Sullivan

Thom Sullivan

Thom Sullivan is a poet and editor from Wistow/Bugle Ranges in the Adelaide Hills. A short collection of his poems, 'Airborne', was


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after Paul Muldoon's 'Why Brownlee Left'

Where Brownlee went, and why he went,
is no mystery – Brady's bar.
And if a man should have fixed intent
it was him; two shots of whiskey,
one of Bushmills, one of Redbreast,
a cheer and a slab for the house.
He was then seen going out to piss
in the March morning, sure and surly.

By noon Brownlee was legless;
they found him in the beer-garden, the
modest ring untaken, his hair slick-wet –
and the publican's daughter
shifting a bucket from hand to
hand, him howling into a hankie.


Thom Sullivan