States of Poetry 2016 - South Australia | 'Possibly' by Kate Llewellyn

How's Possibly doing today?
She's okay, she's possibly
recovering from a possible asthma attack.
What's Possibly doing? The impossible,
That's what. Attending to twenty students
some of whom will possibly fail
tasks Possibly set which they feel
are impossibly high.
Possibly is cooking dinner for ten
and being polite in impossibly demanding
situations. Possibly would like to take a break
from her situation but can't possibly
because she needs the money.

Her impossible husband
will possibly rock up for Christmas
needing money and certain other things.
Possibly talks to me
about Milton and Sophocles.
She brings in the washing laughing
knowing she'll possibly manage
and between the cracks of impossible demands
find happiness sometimes sitting
at our picnics drawing the headland
which resembles an ancient Roman.


Kate Llewellyn