States of Poetry 2016 - South Australia | 'All Things Go' by Thom Sullivan

is the poem nonchalant enough to reference sufjan stevens :
or is he, too, passé : it's a poem in the same key
as his chicago : piped in to the auditory cortex : a private music :
that the world resounds with : the city resonates
from the inside : lights light up in unison : traffic stops

& starts : office-buildings with a swagger to their stillness :
an uncertain rhythm : plane tree leaves : cartwheel :
point over point : is the poem nonchalant enough to reference
one or other brand of cigarettes : plain packaged : poison :
with its woody tang : tang with its redolence of glamour :

pea coats we wear an inch or two shorter this year :
double breasted : with a narrower lapel : we're nonchalant
enough for that : a fastidiousness that has us rumpled :
a woodsy chic : in suede : or flannel : our verticals of texture :
of unenthusiastic cool : is the poem nonchalant enough

for derby boots : black : for kicking doors in : nonchalant
as leaves : circling in a corner : in mendes' american beauty :
a plastic bag amid them : lionising : self-important : buoyed
upon the wind : is the poem nonchalant enough for a warhol
misquotation : scribbled in the margin of a blank exam :


Thom Sullivan

Thom Sullivan

Thom Sullivan

Thom Sullivan is a poet and editor from Wistow/Bugle Ranges in the Adelaide Hills. A short collection of his poems, 'Airborne', was published in New Poets 14 in 2009. Since then he has edited or co-edited seven books of poetry, including Light & Glorie, an anthology of poems about stained glass, with Aidan Coleman. His poems have appeared in The Best Australian Poems 2014, The Best Australian Poems 2015, Australian Love Poems, Cordite, Transnational Literature, and Eureka Street. He lives in Adelaide, where he works in public policy.

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