'Koala Trees Turn Her Borobi' by Lionel Fogarty | States of Poetry Queensland - Series One

She was pretty young Borobi being put in the tree by her human father for four hours.

As he walk back to the other Jarjum, they ask where Borobi was. He say, Oh she jump
into a tree wanting to eat leaves and looked like happy, so I let her be what she wanted
to be, a Borobi.

Many Bilin Bilin flirted around flying high and low seems like listen to old Kargaru sing
a song for a birth.

While on the lily pads waters the Taran was loud yell help in crooker ways.

But the Nyunga Nyunga was signing a dance to attract Wogun wogun to give tosh
tongue to the air of life that was in tree. But young Borobi kept on moving from tree to
branches being a Queen of the top, this time doped up she fell out of the tree, just in time
for her dad Binga to hold her in his arms, say she be alright and will sleep tonight.

That young Borobi found her pretty face changed.

She sang, they are my people the birds animal around I loved the four hours forever.

Now the story is Borobi had many Jarjums after this, the tree got bigger than all her

Now the story is never go into a tree for a long time cause you can be missed.

Lionel Fogarty

Bilin Bilin: king parrot
Kargaru: kookaburra
Taran: frog
Nyunga Nyunga: bower bird
Wogun wogun: scrub turkey

Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty is from the South Burnett region of southern Queensland. His first collection of poetry, Kargun, was published in 1980, and he has published eight further collections, as well as a children's book, Booyooburra, a traditional Wakka Wakka story.

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