'Between Places' by Lionel Fogarty | States of Poetry Queensland - Series One

Beyond a man's face stands a skilful
         Command of changes
Beyond a woman's face stands a weep
       Over the sweet peace beauty
Borrowed emerging naked rage
      Made these times emptiness
Being at the advancing haunts came
  The hunter's stamping leaps
I sat down around a necessity of food
Have painted movements
History of sympathy was wet on the bloody vultures
The future corroboree is spirits burning eagerly awaiting
Now levering voices are heard by morning happing roos
As roof of rain swayed the trees, to bring new roots
Colours of fires busted forms so the children of the worlds
Can be spirituality of lights
But the gathered up rubbish heap more beyond the who cares
Men's mouths were sew and tightened
Women spare their wiped air
No commands were given
Between places beyond the spaces in times 

Lionel Fogarty