'Ambition Man' by Lionel Fogarty | States of Poetry Queensland - Series One

The things us Murri blackfellas have to go over in life's
Futures is hard.
Love's gone bad and less money and work.
This easy going one got the flour tea sugar our mothers and fathers worked for.
We were black men before the lot say, Ah ah, what's colour got to do with it?
Well the light comes from the dark.
May our babies never forget the black men who washed clean and were kind on the began.
The things we men went into were hard but changes were seen.
Now we sit as if space chases around our necks and our hands have no arts.
To sell the spirit of the good dance we get nothing in going on.
To let sin overtake our wind wins we will never bow down.
Most Murri today are national
Yes we do know the borders
But our unity is we knew this before they told us.
Ambition black red and gold men come forward now take us
In songs of love and fighter rights.

Lionel Fogarty