States of Poetry 2016 - New South Wales | 'the bus' by Susie Anderson

I am always on the edge of being careless. if I am leaving a table at a bar, for example, people always remind me to pick up my phone or my wallet as opposed to forgetting it. it is kind that people care to remind me. leaving the bus I didn't have enough time to do my checklist, which involves locating important items like my Opal card, wallet and phone. after I got off I knew I didn't have my Opal card. I looked fervently through all my bags anyway. I took out my wallet and my phone and my diary and shook my books by the spine to loosen the pages. my efforts only revealed a lack. it's an old habit to cling and lament things that are lost, but I suspect that habit also drove off on the bus along Military road. I am surprised at my ability of letting go.


Susie Anderson