'The moon (unfinished)' by Omar Musa | States of Poetry ACT - Series One

One day,
after it has died,
we will hold a vigil for the moon.

We will burn candles,
cheap mimics of its light,
& utter prayers we forgot to utter

while it still lived.
And we will say,
'Remember how it
spoke to us its bone-coloured dreams?
Remember how it gave us hope
when all else seemed savage?'

And some will say it was carved
from whale bone,
while others will swear it was a coin
flicked from the thumb of God.

And Death will come down the alleyways,
ringing its bells & swearing its oaths,
singing its story through
the windows of a ruined world.

And the executioner will cry silently
for those he has slain.
He will caress their shadows
& tell them to run.

But he, they, us,
will have nowhere to go,
no final memory
but a taste of the moon,
who once so sweetly told us
of what we might dream.


Omar Musa

Omar Musa

Omar Musa

Omar Musa is a Malaysian-Australian author, rapper, and poet from Queanbeyan. He is the former winner of the Australian Poetry Slam and the Indian Ocean Poetry Slam. He has released three hip hop albums, two poetry books (including Parang), and has appeared on ABC TV's Q&A and at TEDx Sydney at the Sydney Opera House. His d├ębut novel Here Come the Dogs, was published by Penguin Australia in 2014 and longlisted for the Miles Franklin Award. Omar Musa was named one of the Sydney Morning Herald's Young Novelists of the Year in 2015. He is currently working on a new album and a novel.