'lopping' by Jen Crawford | States of Poetry ACT - Series One

'privately'  inside  the  body  but  much  of  this  is  the  extra-somatic (GAWW - not symptomatic but coral. 'the 20th century's premier art mode', though at that point only as an infusion, ubiquitous but still failing to assume the forms which will 'replace' life as a whole.)

prior to the assumption, vibration-reception remains compulsory but consciousness is not (: mercy). input is fixed open but output circuited to the internal joys1 and some externals can be diverted through own soft-dumb-cells, especially into hands in any movement, and through most contact with the ground here, which until the final moments maintains a pre-coral variability and some absorbency. we


Jen Crawford



 1 Formerly eyes

2 I release the present tongue as retroactive and self-consolatory. without doubt the Institute will be a-temporal yet the tongue notes its own second purpose in that sup


Jen Crawford

Jen Crawford

Jen Crawford's recent poetry is collected in the book Koel (Cordite Books, 2016) and the chapbook Lichen Loves Stone (Tinfish Press, 2015). Earlier works include Admissions (Five Islands Press, 2000) and Bad Appendix (Titus Books, 2008).