States of Poetry Series Three - ACT | 'More than just a pin-prick' by Paul Collis

I’d become …
just a public pain.
Did I make you, just a little
… sick?
Make me your vampire, then –
your time.
Take my neck.
Dig deep with kisses.
Let’s feel the swirl of blood.
A country boy on Country is a power difference-making ...
Spirit flying time with eagles – where everything’s clear.
I’ll never be clear.
Not in this life.
Not in any time.
But I can’t keep my eyes from this changing sky.
Can’t stop looking into your blue.
Biaami footprints out there show me the way.
You’re there.
You’re every watchtower.
You left your axe mark in Nyemba stone – on my heart.
You made the name and the sacred water.
Are they your tears, great love?

Back in town:
It’s rainy, cold and wet
so cold tonight …
Colder too, because I’m alone
away from you.
And it’s a lover’s night of holding close.
I love that being smuggled into each other’s neck …
Yet it doesn’t feel like I’m in irons.

Paul Collis