John Kinsella

'Comatos and Lacon', a new poem by John Kinsella

John Kinsella
27 February 2014

How likely is it that the fellas who have
moved onto a place down the loop, who
are bricking their crossover, are named
Comatos and Lacon? That they have


Maria Takolander reviews John Kinsella's 'Tide'

Maria Takolander
27 November 2013

Imagine a cross between Tim Winton’s The Turning and Kenneth Cook’s Wake in Fright, and you might very well imagine John Kinsella’s latest collection of fiction, Tide. Kinsella, a Western Australian like Winton, writes of the coast and of the desert, of small-town life and small-town people. However, Kinsella highlights the corruptio ... More

John Kinsella on 'Contemporary Asian Australian Poets'

John Kinsella
27 November 2013

This is one of the more vital and significant poetry anthologies to appear in Australia. It has been compiled with a purpose as sophisticated and complex as the arguments for existence that it posits. It is an anthology not so much of ‘region’ (it is a rather massive one), as of the experience of being or having been from Asian heritages in contemporary Au ... More

Open Page with John Kinsella

John Kinsella
27 May 2013

John KinsellaJohn KinsellaW ... More

'Brother', a new poem by John Kinsella

John Kinsella
27 November 2012

Searching for his crowd
out of the silence of the cloister,
black robes tousled by the nor’-wester,
first bite of heat caught on the brim


The Land’s Meaning by Randolph Stow

Dennis Haskell
30 August 2012

Randolph Stow, who died in 2010 aged seventy-four, must now be considered part of the Australian canon, whether that concept is conceived broadly or as a smaller cluster of Leavisian peaks. This status derives from his eight novels, which include the Miles Franklin Award-winner To the Islands (1958), the celebrated children’s book Midnite: The Story o ... More

'Emily Poems', a new poem by John Kinsella

John Kinsella
22 April 2012


Surrounded by the countless dead
And restrained in illness to her bed
The hilltipped winds that seared her face
Made her young as they made her old


'Penillion of Tuning the Harpsichord', a new poem by John Kinsella

John Kinsella
24 November 2011

Head tilts to strings
beyond setting –
cross-notes of talk,
gallery folk

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