'Jimadilung' by Edwin Lee Mullian | States of Poetry WA - Series Two

It’s been years and it’s never been raining, a sign of weather patterns at work in the creamy blue skies. An elder looked up and noticed a single cloud formation appeared. It was going towards a significant place. The cloud was very small and very dark and yet it still didn’t rain.

On this earth we walk the grassy plains with sun bleached sensitive skin sucked up by the heat, and with this temperature we too will weather away like a single insignificant blade of grass in the field.

Since the coming of time the spirits of the skies have been painting their pictures, telling the story of changing seasons.

They reached to the earth choosing individual vibrant colors to paint the universal giant canvas, calculating the mathematics of day and night, of rotating cosmos with our sun, stars and the moon, second by second in an endless equation.

An elder would say they’re singing our mothers’ land beneath our feet. We too will sing with them and yet our generation still walks on the grassy plains left alone wondering what this weather patterns means.

Edwin Lee Mulligan

‘Jimidilung’ was commissioned for the dance theatre production Cut the Sky (2015) by Marrugeku.